Friday, May 15, 2009

Free Internet Marketing Workshop for Artists and Artisans

As more and more artists develop websites to introduce their work to a world-wide online community the question often turns to, what is the best way to make this online community more aware of my website’s existence, and what other online methods should I employ to make my work more visible?

As part of an ongoing effort to assist artists and communities with answering these questions, Darrell Bulmer and Kerstin Gilg of the Maine Arts Commission will present a 2-hour workshop that demonstrates and simplifies online marketing for artists. The workshop will take place at 6:30pm on Wednesday, June 3 at Jewett Auditorium, University of Maine at Augusta.

This workshop is free to attend; those requiring more information or wishing to register should call 1-800-442-2092 (Wendy Rose at Women, Work, and Community) or email Wendy at The workshop is co-sponsored by Women, Work, and Community and the Kennebec Valley Art Association.


World internet summit said...

Hi there passing through and thought i would leave a comment to say what a great idea i think 2 hrs is not long enough to teach internet marketing good luck with everything though hope it goes well

Auto 1 said...

great idea be interesting to see the content displayed...

Loose weight Quick said...

talk about a quick learning session would put a bit of pressure on the presenters

Nissan 4x4 said...

good idea hope all who attend get great benefit

Maine Arts Commission said...

Thank you for you comments; I will try and answer them in order.

This is a workshop that we have conducted a few times before and it was well received. You are correct that it is hard to cover everything; we like to be succinct and introduce examples that are free and easy to use. We do make the entire workshop available through file sharing so that attendees can access the links and text later and concentrate more on content while we are presenting.
We also video the event and try to make the key points available via YouTube.

As for content I am pasting an updated piece we used to promote this workshop:

In our present economic climate it is nice to know that there are so many free online marketing tools that can be used for promotion and information sharing; it is even nicer to know how to use them, and why.

To help with this, Darrell Bulmer and Kerstin Gilg of the Maine Arts Commission are conducting a 2 hour workshop that uses clear and concise examples to demonstrate and simplify online marketing methods and show attendees how they can employ similar methods. Beginning with some basics of conventional web 1.0 usage, such as emails, website development, electronic newsletters, Meta tags and search engine optimization, the workshop will progress on to social networking and how various online networking tools can help artists and organizations with their varied needs.

Darrell and Kerstin will concentrate on social networking as it relates to communications, information sharing and applications. They will define these categories and, in plain language, introduce various online tools to attendees. They will then show attendees how to bring the tools of their choice together to reach their personal goals, and then how to continually track their efforts to make simple adaptations on an ongoing basis.

Some of the tools to be covered will be websites, Wikis, blogs, electronic newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, flickr, Sitemeter, online surveys, online video creation, many Google tools, such as Analytics and website optimization, eBay, Photobucket, and many many more.

Audience questions are encouraged throughout this presentation.

Nancy said...

This looks like a great workshop. I am going to be out of town on that date. Do you have another future date for this same workshop?

Maine Arts Commission said...

Hi Nancy,

Providing workshops like this one is an integral part of the Maine Arts Commission's services to the field.
We have provided this workshop at at least five locations within the last year. We are available if communities wish to invite us to their region to conduct this or any other helpful workshops.

We will be placing this information on very soon, but be assured it will appear here too.