Monday, May 18, 2009

Governor Baldacci Hosts Reception for Congressional Arts Awardees

Students Suki Nesvig (left) of Portland’s Waynflete School and Michele Jaffarian (below) of Rangeley Lakes Regional School shared the influences that shaped their award winning pieces of artwork during a Blaine House reception held in their honor Saturday.

Among the attendees were Governor John Baldacci and Congresswoman Chellie Pingree who both spoke with equal admiration for the work of the students present at the reception. They also reminded attendees of the importance of art and creativity to Maine’s economic future. Congressman Michaud was unable to attend due to schedule conflicts, but his words, read by Rosemary Winslow, echoed those of previous speakers and highlighted the prominence that the artwork has in the nation's Capitol.

The nation’s Capitol is where the artwork of Suki and Michele is now heading. It will form part of a year-long exhibition of national winners. Both students will be flown to the nation’s capital, courtesy of the Congressional Arts Awards competition sponsors, to witness the unveiling of the show.

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