Thursday, December 30, 2010

Apply Now for Maine Arts Commission Funding

The New Year will bring with it new opportunities and new challenges for Maine’s artists and organizations. If you are seeking funding then now is the time to take a look at our grant programs; there is a lot on offer in January.

If you need help with marketing then January 7 is the date you need to get your application in for the Arts Visibility grant. There are many ways that this grant can be used. Successful applicants have updated Websites, created iPhone apps, created promotional videos, posters, postcards, or even paid for various forms of advertising. Whatever your marketing needs are, this is the grant for you. It provides up to $1,500 and offers a relatively simple application process.
The Innovative Production grant supports artistic innovation in the production and presentation of media and/or performance work of artists and organizations; the deadline is January 13.
Innovation can be in the form of materials used, production methods, project concepts, technology integration, and/or location use. Innovation can also come in the form of timing, placement of work, means of distribution or the manner that it is presented. This grant offers funding up to $2,000.

The Jane Morrison Film Scholarship provides funds to support educational opportunities for filmmakers in the early stages of their career development; the grant offers support of up to $2,000 and the deadline is January 13.

There are grant programs within the Maine Arts Commission that operate on revolving deadlines: the Good Idea grant, the Community Arts and Humanities grant, and the Celebrating Traditional Arts grant.

The Good Idea grant fosters the growth of Maine’s artists. It supports the creation of new work or professional development. Awards of up to $1,500 are available.

The Community Arts and Humanities grant offers support of up to $1,000 to assist organizations in Maine as they investigate and present stories and cultural expressions of the state.

The Celebrating Traditional Arts grant offers up to $1,500 to fund traditional artists’ fees for presentations in a range of community settings including festivals, gatherings, fairs, museums or tours and other community events.

Applications for these revolving deadline grants should be submitted before February 25 in order to ensure early receipt of funds in the New Year.

The Maine Arts Commission offers many other grants to Maine artists and organizations. Be sure to visit our grant pages on

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