Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Grand Opening at Lucid Stage

Lucid Stage announces its grand opening with a celebration that is free and open to the public. The event starts at 6pm with a ribbon cutting/wine bar and is followed at 7pm with a variety show including short performances by artists who will be featured in future Lucid Stage events, including: Naya’s Trance bellydance, Harlan Baker, Martin Steingesser and Judy Tierney, Celebration Barn, Carolyn Gage, The Amazing Steelgraves, Michael Parent, AIRE Theater, Michael Lane Trautman, and Mad Horse Theater!

Lucid Stage is a multi-use venue for the many artists and groups in the Portland area. They provide performance and rehearsal space for artists of various genres, classroom and community event space, summer camp and educational programs, and visual art gallery space.

The mission of Lucid is to foster the creation and enjoyment of the arts, and to provide our community with a setting to further promote and encourage the arts.

Lucid Stage
29 Baxter Boulevard
Portland, Maine 04101
207) 899-3993 (office)

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