Monday, March 8, 2010

7 Day PSA competition

Maine competition Week: May 13th - 22nd.
Portland competition will also introduce an optional radio PSA component.

The 7DAYPSA is a week long competition, where teams (called "Agencies") beat the clock to produce three broadcast quality versions (20, 30 & 60 seconds) of a single public service announcement for the deserving local not-for-profit organization (called "Clients") that the Agency teams have randomly drawn at the start of the competition. Multiple "Clients" will have PSA's produced and several "Agency" teams will be producing for the same "Client" organization. Each "Agency" will have seven days to go from concept to completion.

For the Agency teams, this will be a writing challenge, a shooting challenge, and an editing challenge. The object is to get as many completed professional broadcast quality public service announcements for the clients to choose from as possible. The seven day period allows for this, as well as for the opportunity for media and marketing classes to use the competition as a teaching tool during the school week.

Winners of each "Local Best 7DAYPSA" will compete for a "National Best 7DAYPSA" award.

Winning PSA's will be eligible, after broadcast, for submission by the 7DAYPSA for nomination for regional Emmy Awards, Telly Awards and other industry awards.

Mailing Address:
PO Box 162
Newport, RI 02940

Office Address:
83 Park Street (Veterans Memorial Auditorium)
Providence, RI 02903
Office Phone:401-861-4445
Fax: 401-490-6735

Portland competition
Coordinator: Krystal Kenville (207)899-6153

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