Thursday, September 17, 2009

Meet David C. Wolfe, the 2010 Traditional Arts Fellow

David C. Wolfe is a master printer who was once an apprentice at Anthoensen Press in Portland. Wolfe now teaches a whole new generation in his 2000 square foot studio in Portland, which houses no less than 15 antique presses and composition machines.

“I decided early in my career that I wanted to live and work in Portland,” said Wolfe. “I planned to work other jobs until the ‘printmaking scene’ grew enough for me to support myself, but I realized after a while that I needed to create the ‘scene’ myself. I have worked diligently to make work and to teach others about the historic process I use. My studio is now a hub of activity in the printing arts in the northeastern part of the USA.

“Government support of any Individuals working in traditional media allows us to enrich our current culture with what has come before our time. What we put into our culture now grows exponentially in the future. This grant will help me this year, but more than that, it tells me ‘Maine’ wants me here.”

David will defy the impossible by bringing the world of printmaking to the stage of the Strand Theatre on October 23, as part of the Maine Artist Fellowship Event.

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