Thursday, April 23, 2009

Maine Masters Project Website Launched

The Union of Maine Visual Artists has launched its Maine Masters Project website and are able to offer, due to grant funding, free DVDs and curriculum guides for high school and college art teachers.

The Maine Masters project is an ongoing film series featuring some of Maine’s most distinguished artists and the website, just launched, features details of all nine DVD portraits of the present Maine artists. Also featured is a curriculum guide designed as a companion to the most recently DVD Stephen Pace: Maine Master, with lesson plans for painting and writing activities. A recent grant has enabled the Maine Masters Project to freely distribute the Pace DVD to all Maine high school libraries.

The nine artists in the series include: Stephen Pace, Lois Dodd, Clark Fitz-Gerald, Alan Magee, Olive Pierce, Dahlov Ipcar, Harold Garde, William Thon and Robert Hamilton. Eight other portraits are in various stages of development and production. The next DVDs to be released will be on painter David Larson of South Penobscot (Fall 2009) and Beverly Hallam of York (Spring 2010).

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