Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Maine Arts Stimulus Funding Grant Now Available

The Maine Arts Commission is pleased to announce the creation of a competitive grant program, presented in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts, that offers funds to subsidize the preservation of jobs within nonprofit arts organizations.

Organizations that have suffered critical staffing cuts or can provide proof that an important existing position is in jeopardy, or have compelling reasons why the retention of a creative worker is vital to the health of the organization, may apply for this grant. This includes the employment or commissioning of creative workers to make work in support of an organization’s mission only when the initiative can show that it is in long-term planning stages. No funds will be made available for the creation of new or previously unscheduled work.
The Maine Arts Commission will offer a deadline of May 29, 2009 for applications for approval after June 28, 2009. If all monies are not fully expended in that round, a second deadline of July 10, 2009 will be offered.
The maximum grant amount is $10,000.For full details visit the Maine Arts Commission Website.


SMA said...

And where are the stumulus funds for the private economy- or do we just get to fund the bill?

SMA said...

For the record , when H.1 first came out, otherwise known as "the Stimulus Bill" (in some circles) I checked for how much money was alloted for loans for small businesses. Out of a then proposed 900 billion Dollar spending bill, 430 million was allotted to small business loans and out of that 4 million went to administration which would most likely be government jobs.

When I read the eigth and final versions, our senators Susan Collins and Olympia Smowe had managed to increase this amount by a whopping 2 million dollars but the language of the bill was so convoluted that it would probably take several days and cross-referencing several other bills and the transcribing of the referenced portion of those bills into a single readble document before one can know how much really goes to small business.

Not surprisingly I do not see any mention on the Maine Arts Commission that supports private economy arts oriented businesses.