Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The New Year Begins...

The Maine Arts Commission has begun this year as it ended the last: the reduction in staff due to state budget cuts means it will continue to be busy.

To ease some of the workload the agency has enlisted the help of Kathleen Mundell to oversee the Traditional Arts program. Kathleen holds a Masters Degree in Folklore and has over twenty-five years experience in the fields of public sector folklore and community arts.

Kathleen will begin work immediately to advocate for the traditional arts: She will build the application pool for the agency’s three traditional arts focused grants programs (Sustaining Traditional Arts in the Community, Traditional Arts Apprenticeships, and Traditional Arts Fellowship), and plan a celebration of the 20th year of the Maine Arts Commission's Traditional Arts Apprenticeship program.

The 124th legislative sessions will figure prominently in this week’s plans. The agency’s director will present budget amendments to the Appropriations and Financial Affairs committee on Tuesday; she will make an hour-long presentation to the Governor’s Quality of Place Council on Wednesday, and on Thursday meet with the Governor’s Subcommittee on Tourism to discuss the ongoing importance of the arts in the state’s tourism efforts.


Ann said...

Ease workload with the Traditional Arts? When are you ever going to give support to the performing arts?

Maine Arts Commission said...


Thank you for your excellent question.
The intention of enlisting Kathleen's help was to free up the community arts associate to concentrate more on communities with a particular eye to working with the performing arts within each community.