Friday, December 19, 2008

Getting ready for 2009

Happy Holidays!
You might think things would wind down at the end of the year, but that is certainly not the case. The agency is getting ready to review grants for New Media, Visibility, Capacity and the SMART program. This means building 4 review committees of qualified professional and holding a meeting before the end of January. If the Winter holidays don't make conflicts the snow storms likely will.

A big project on the horizon is the 2009 Public Art Lecture Series and Sculpture Grant. The Lecture series has funded five Maine arts organizations to host speakers in the field of pubic art within the 2009 calendar year. Coinciding with that program is the Public Art Sculpture Grant which will fund public art sculpture projects between $1,000 and $20,000 dollars in 2009. Additional funding that would be applied to public art support may become available in 2009, growing the year long public art extravaganza even further, but we'll have to have it come through first.


John Q said...

It's great to see the increased support for public art. Is this a policy shift for MAC? I don't remember them ever encouraging public art like this before.

Anonymous said...

They hired a new person about a year ago. He's making some good improvements to the program. The sculpture grant comes at a good time too, with the economic downturn, er recession, ahem depression.

Anonymous said...

This new committment to public art is great, as is there outreach.
They put on a great free event up here in Bangor last November.

Ann said...

The free awards event always has such good dancers! It was especially good this year. Does it always happen in Bangor?

Maine Arts Commission said...


The awards event has been in Bangor for three years now. We are now considering moving it to another town for three years in an effort to allow everyone in state to enjoy this popular free event.
Is this something that interests you? Do you have any suggestions on this topic? We would love to hear your views.