Thursday, October 4, 2012

Maine Craft Art License Plate Design Competition

The Maine Craft Association (MCA) has taken the first step to create a new Maine specialty license plate and now they need help to create an eye-catching design!

Once they have the design, they start collecting 2,000 signatures and $25.00 per supporter to bring the license plate supporting craft, art and creativity in Maine to life. The deadline to submit your design is a week away: October 12, 2012

MCA will select the top designs (those that both follow the Secretary of State rules, best represent Maine craft/art/makers and are likely to garner the most support and interest). Once narrowed down, they will seek feedback from the community via Facebook, E-newsletters and their website to learn which design has the most support; this one will be submitted to the Secretary of State.

Once the design is approved (The Secretary of State as well as the Legislature reserves the right to make the final edits and decisions.) they will collect the name, signature, license plate # and $25 from 2,000 people. Once finalized, each of the 2000 people who signed and paid $25 will be mailed a coupon to collect the new plate. If, for any reason, the effort does meet the goal, everyone will be refunded. Finally, the plate is available for the general public (likely 2014). MCA begins to earn a portion of the plate fees to put toward programming, marketing and scholarships all supporting Maine's creative population.

How to submit:
JPEG or PDF, high resolution (at least 300dpi) or hardcopy. Submit your design to Lisa: or via the mail to: Maine Crafts Association 50 Mayo St. Dover-Foxcroft, Maine 04426

Plate Specifications:
Plates are 12” x 6”. The plate’s rim is ¼”wide.

Only four colors should be used in any design, including black (not counting the color of the numbers, which must be black or a dark contrasting color).

Graphics may not be used behind the numbering. If any colors are wanted behind the numbering, limit to one color. Must maintain contrast between the numbering and background color.

Graphics should be no more than 2 ½” from outer edge of the plate rim. Designs may be on either the left or right side, but left side is preferred.

Sponsor’s slogan across bottom of plate may be any font of sponsor’s choosing. The slogan should be a single color. Sponsor must decide if would like the stickers to be both on the top of the plate, bottom of plate, or on left or right side. Stickers may not be diagonal.

Maine is always on the top of the plate. 1” will be left on both sides of Maine between the bolt holes. Maine is 1” down from the rim. Maine is approximately 1” wide. BMV is somewhat flexible on what font Maine is in. No script font will be allowed.

Bolt holes are 2 ½” from the rim length wise and 1/2” from the rim width wise. Sponsor should allow from some shrinkage space. 3M can also scale the graphic down to fit the size of the plate.

If you have questions, contact Lisa via e-mail at or by phone at 207/564-0041.
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