Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Americans for the Arts Marketing Advice

Americans for the Arts holds an annual marketing convening for artists and arts organizations. These meetings delve into every aspect of the ever-changing marketing landscape. Within this landscape is a wealth of new techniques and ideas of how artists can use new communication methods to address needs that they may have in their career.

There are ways in which artists can use various outreach methods to raise awareness of their work, assist in securing gallery shows, or even for selling their work. With an expansive toolbox to work from it is left to the artist to define their goals and to select methods most suitable for achieving them. In this mix is the question of time and money. It is all too easy for all of us to get caught up in the doing, before we allow ourselves to step back to think and plan.

To help us take that step back, Americans for the Arts have released a simple document that takes a look at our return on investment when we are marketing. It can be helpful to read these documents from time to time. We hope you find it useful.

Americans for Arts decided to use a friendly pig to convey their message, so in their words we will let them introduce this booklet:

In this e-Book, Take the Fear out of ROI, you'll learn how to measure the ROI of a number of different marketing campaigns that you can apply to your own work. You'll:

Absorb just what Return on Investment means and why it is so advantageous to your everyday work.

Allow our friendly pig Stuart to guide you in measuring the ROI on his e-mail marketing campaign, a direct mail piece, social media marketing, and more!

Understand key points (we call them truisms) about return on investment that will dispel any lingering FEAR you may have!

You probably will not learn much about pigs though. We hope that does not ruin your enjoyment:

Download the PDF.

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Anonymous said...

I love AFTA. And Laura K (the esteemed author of this e-book). Except its easier to go to Happy Hour with AFTA. But they are both very smart and perfect.

Your phriend WP said...

Interested to read this. Loving the guyute

Anonymous said...

great info...very useful!

Anonymous said...

the illustrations are great and the analogies make everything easy to understand! ROI made simple...

Anonymous said...

1the illustrations are great and the analogies make everything easy to understand! ROI made simple...