Tuesday, June 5, 2012

MAAE Announces Job Search For New Executive Director

The Maine Alliance for Arts Education (MAAE) is a statewide organization affiliated nationally with Kennedy Center Alliance for Arts Education Network. Its mission is to encourage and strengthen educational excellence in visual art, music, theater, and dance in all Maine schools and communities. In May 2012, the MAAE Board decided that the future work of the organization will focus on a statewide level through Advocacy and Professional Development.

 Executive Director Position Description

 MAAE is seeking an Executive Director to work with the Board of Directors to carry out its new strategic plan. Initially (the first three months at two days a week) the ED will focus primarily on fundraising for financial sustainability and basic organizational management. With the expectation of an expanded work schedule, the ED will then lead the organization in implementation of its two new priorities: Advocacy and Professional Development.

Job Responsibilities
Initial three-month period:
• Work with the Board to secure funding for MAAE, including but not limited to writing grants and pursuing public and private sector funding
• Manage the organization, including
 o Communicate with Board of Directors, Alliance members, staff, and the public
o MAAE's database, finances, and website

Position requires:
 • Experience and demonstrated success in fundraising and grant writing
• Ability to work collaboratively with such partners as the Maine Department of Education, Maine Arts Commission, schools, parents, and community and professional arts organizations
 • Computer skills, including word-processing, database management, and spreadsheets for fiscal reporting
 • Experience in using social media, electronic newsletters, etc. in innovative ways to connect with the public and arts education constituencies
• Understanding and ability to oversee fiscal responsibilities (monthly balance sheet reports, preparing annual budgets, and budget forecasting)
• Ability to work independently (office-in-home) on a regular schedule, with Executive Committee

The initial three month contract will be a two-day per week position, at the completion of which the Board expects to expand the ED position to a permanent, long term contract at three to four days per week. The position reports directly to the MAAE Board of Directors. Interested applicants should submit a cover letter, résumé, and two letters of recommendation to the following email address MAAEDIRSEARCH@roadrunner.com by June 30, 2012. The position will remain open until filled. 

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