Thursday, June 28, 2012

Center Stage Artists Come To Maine.

Center Stage is a groundbreaking program designed to bring diplomacy to Main Street by bringing ten striking foreign performing ensembles to the U.S. for month-long tours from June-December 2012. Sufi-rock bands from Lahore…master Haitian troubadours…puppetry and Hip Hop collectives from Yogyakarta…power-house contemporary dance companies from Port-au-Prince and Padang…Acclaimed at home but little-known to many Americans, performing artists from Pakistan, Haiti, and Indonesia will tour the U.S. through the Center Stage program. 

Tonight and tomorrow Arieb Azhar (Islamabad, Pakistan) will be performing at One Longfellow Square, as part of the Portland Performing Arts Festival. The show begins at 7:30, be sure to attend if you can. One Longfellow Square is offering 2 for 1 tickets at the door.

Arieb Azhar (Islamabad, Pakistan) playing at Acoustic Artisans 11am Thursday, touring Portland before performing at One Longfellow Square as part of the Portland Performing Arts Festival.

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