Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Make your travel plans NOW!

NEFA Presenter Travel funds become available June 1. The Presenter Travel Fund provides monetary assistance to arts programmers and curatorial staff in New England and are distributed in the order of first come first serve

Prepare your requests today and have them ready to send. Applicants may apply for funding to help cover the expense of attending festivals, showcases, conferences, or other cultural events where they can see artistic work that they may present in their own community.

Any nonprofit, school, or government entity based in New England is eligible to apply. The nonprofit organization does not need to be an arts organization. An organization that does not have a federal tax identification number (such as a national historic park) may apply as long as it is part of an official government agency (such as the National Park Service).

I highly recommend Maine programmers consider attending the Contact East Conference in September (Fredericton NB)

Other Canadian offerings include:
The Saint John Sculpture Symposium (Aug)
Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival (Sept)
The Canadian Folk Music Awards (Nov)

Some other things that you may want to attend include:
TCG National Conference (June)
The Mass Moca Canada Exhibit (June)
National Arts Marketing Conference (Nov)

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