Thursday, May 24, 2012

BLUE POTATO is Seeking Cast and Crew!

The production BLUE POTATO will be in Aroostook County filming from July to September. They are looking to fill some paid and some unpaid positions.

- Experienced production designer/costume designer - Paid (accommodations included)
- Assistant production designer/costume designer - Unpaid (local / no accommodations)
- Hair/makeup - Unpaid (local / no accommodations available)
- Chef - Paid (accommodations included)
- Sous Chef - Paid (local / no accommodations available)
- Housekeeper -Paid - (local / no accommodations available)
- Production assistants (2 positions available) -Unpaid (accommodations included)
- Interns (2 positions available) - Unpaid (local / no accommodations available)
- Grips (2 positions available) - Unpaid (accommodations included)
- Volunteer Drivers - Unpaid (local / no accommodations available)
- Still Photographer - Unpaid
- Volunteers - To help with open casting calls in Maine - Unpaid

Interested people should contact Gita Pullapilly directly at

Tentative casting dates (not yet confirmed) are shaping up to be:
Bangor casting call = June 23rd
Portland casting call = June 30th
Houlton casting call = July 6th
Presque Isle casting = call July 7th
Caribou casting call = July 8th

For more information on time and location please contact Gita Pullapilly directly at

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