Friday, February 10, 2012

Free Artist Workshop at Portland Gallery This Friday

Donna McNeil, Arts Policy and Program Director for the Maine Art Commission will provide a workshop for Maine artists at the Constellation Gallery in Portland this Friday.

Donna will explain what the agency provides in terms of programs, support and grant support. Donna will spend the most time discussing the grant offerings from the agency including the Good Idea Grant, Arts Visibility Grant, Innovation Production Grant and the Individual Artist Fellowship grant. Additionally, she will discuss how artists can work successfully with communities through our Artists in Maine Communities Grant as well as in education settings through our SMART (schools make art relevant today) grant.

Donna will not only discuss the particulars of the grants, but will offer a printer on electronic portfolios, what selection panels are looking for in submissions, how best to write a resume, letter of interest, artists' statement. She will also discuss Maine's Percent for Art program, how artists can translate smaller scale work into suitable pubic art projects and maneuver through the community and the committee hurtles. All information will be delivered with an eye toward enabling artists to be adept at any grant application, museum or gallery relationship, or public art competition.

The workshop is free and you can sign up by visiting the Constellation Gallery’s Facebook event page. and click join to register. Space is limited and registration is on a first come and first serve basis. Email or call Tatia DiChiara at 207-272-8464 to register.

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