Friday, December 2, 2011

The Maine Arts Commission is Seeking an Executive Director

The position of the Executive Director of the Maine Arts Commission is responsible for the strategic planning, direction, management, implementation, and evaluation of all agency operations, programs and services, and internal and external relations as set forth through policy and budget by members of the Maine Arts Commission. This position provides leadership to the arts industry in Maine; represents the agency, Commission, and the arts to governmental and legislative bodies, arts organizations, corporations, private foundations, the media, and the public; directs the administration of agency operations; and provides leadership to the personnel of the Maine Arts Commission. This position reports to the Maine Arts Commission, assists the Commission in setting public policy, and is responsible for the management of eight full-time employees in the agency.

The opening date for the call is December 2, 2011 and the closing date is January 20, 2012. Full details can be found on

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