Friday, October 21, 2011

Thank You Letter

The Maine Arts Commission received this thank you letter this morning:

October 21,2011
Hermon Middle School
29 Billings Road
Hermon, ME 04401

C/O Angela Molino
Ticket to Ride: Maine Arts Commission

Dear Angela,

It is with deep appreciation that I write this letter. Yesterday, I along with our K-8 art instructor, Mrs. Rachel Case, were able to accompany twelve identified gifted and talented visual art students to the University Of Maine Museum Of Art in downtown Bangor. The morning was spent analyzing art in various forms, from poetry to sketch. I was particularly struck by one student, who could not finish the tour because he was so focused on his work. We simply allowed him to remain in his artistic space and collected him at the end of the tour. Many students commented on how they were amazed that a Bangor museum had a Picasso! “How many kids can go home today and say they saw a Picasso?” one student marveled. My reply was, “Twelve!” And that is because of the funding provided through this program. The afternoon was spent learning about various watercolor techniques and talking about art. After lunch we took a short walk to a local artist, Andrea Hand’s studio. She shared with us the joys and challenges of being a full time artist and answered questions from our students. This experience provided students with hands on activities and critical learning that would not have been other wise gained. I can not express in words the powerful experience we had, but instead offer a heart felt thank you.

Warm Wishes,
Marcy Soucy; GT Consultant for the Hermon School District

There are limited funds left to fund student travel for your school. Please visit our website for full details of the Ticket to Ride program.

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Anonymous said...

Simply, I wish every student in Maine could have similar experiences, especially those with special needs. Thank MAC, for sharing that inspiring letter with all of us.

Maine Arts Commission said...

This program that we are offering will run for three years and it is our hope to continue to provide experiences like this for every student that we can.

Anonymous said...

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