Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Traditional Arts Fellowship Deadline Approaches

The deadline for the Maine Arts Commission’s Traditional Arts Fellowship is June 24, 2011. This program awards $13,000 to a Maine Artist in recognition of artistic excellence.

Traditional arts are passed down through the generations, reflecting the values and practices of a shared culture based on geography, language, religion, occupation, ethnic heritage, tribal affiliation or family background.

Boat building, basket making, wood carving, chain saw carving, fly-tying, instrumental and vocal music, step dancing, canoe making, snowshoe making, quilting, hooked or rag rug making and knitting are a few examples of traditional arts that are practiced in Maine. These arts are usually learned through observation and imitation at the hands of a master practioner rather than through classes, books, the internet or academic training.

If you have any questions before you begin the application process, please contact Kathleen Mundell, traditional arts specialist, 207/236-6741 or mainetraditionalarts@gmail.com.

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