Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Maine Performing Arts Promoted Through Tourism Website

Performing arts organizations, venues and events in Maine are featured in the new "Maine Performs" brochure guide and the companion website landing page

The resources were created by the Maine Office of Tourism, in collaboration with the Maine Arts Commission and participating organizations, to highlight and promote Maine's longtime tradition of unique and diverse performing arts offerings.

"As a business, we do a very good job at promoting ourselves within Maine, but creating awareness in audiences from out of state is more difficult and costly," said Monica Kelly of Bay Chamber Concerts. “The creation of the Maine Performs group gives us the platform to promote our organization in a way that will effectively reach outside the state.”

The free, 15-page, full-color guide provides information on more than 20 theaters, arts centers, festivals, and organizations producing live music, dance, film or stage productions. The destinations span each of Maine's eight tourism regions from Madawaska to Bangor, Waterville, Buckfield, Ogunquit and Stonington.

"The Maine Performs initiative follows the philosophy of a high tide raising all boats," said Linda Nelson from Opera House Arts in Stonington. "Collaboration is the key to today’s economy. The performing arts sector is coming together to develop and increase audiences for all of Maine. Whether communities have large concert halls or small venues, Maine Performs sends the message that Maine is a culturally rich place with a lot of high quality performances throughout the state." brings visitors to the performing arts page of the Office of Tourism website where the guide can be downloaded, and web links are provided for each listing from the guide.

The web page also links to Maine music, dance and theater pages, and allows users to explore live arts opportunities in each tourism region. A link to a comprehensive listing of more than 100 members of the state's performing arts sector is also on the page.

The brochure guide is available at Maine visitor information centers and select performing arts organizations and venues throughout the state. The brochure can also be downloaded at

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