Friday, March 19, 2010

Showcase Your Community Through the Artists in Maine Communities Grant

It’s time to start generating those great ideas for Artists in Maine Communities projects. The deadline is approaching, April 9. The Artists in Maine Communities grant program is a project-oriented program that requires the participation of a Maine artist (that means performing and literary artists, too). The maximum award for the program is $7,500. Organizations that are planning to apply to the program can find the guidelines on
Artists in Maine Communities grants are a great way to spotlight your community and make it shine through the arts. Last year Museum L/A was able to use an Artists in Maine Communities grant to highlight the role brickmakers had played in developing the city of Lewiston; using photographs, stories and a contemporary art installation. The highly successful event packed the gallery at its opening. Meanwhile the Great Cranberry Isle Historical Society worked with the Heliker-LaHotan foundation to tell the story of the island’s people and its artistic heritage through photographs and oral histories

Potential applicants to the Artists in Maine Communities program should talk to the Maine Arts Commission staff to discuss their idea before applying to the program. Contact: Keith Ludden, Community Arts Associate, 207/287-2713.

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