Monday, February 22, 2010

The Maine Arts Commission’s Arts Visibility Grant Deadline Approaches

The Maine Arts Commission’s Arts Visibility Grant is entering its second year after funding some hugely successful projects. This grant provides a maximum amount of $1,500 to both artists and organizations for the use of marketing. The deadline is March 11, 2010.

Two projects funded by the last round of grants have been recently finished. The Portland Ballet sought funding to create a promotional video for the March 30 premiere performance of ‘Mozart’s Requiem’, a collaboration of the Portland Ballet Company and the Choral Art Society.
This video is now viewable online.

Another grant supported Spindleworks as they created a new website for their inaugural year creating the All Species Parade in Brunswick. The website is currently in place and is being populated as the parade comes together; some of the images are below.

As this is a community event,Spindleworks are welcoming participants and volunteers from the entire region as they seek to make this event the best that it can be.

The event is modeled after the hugely successful All Species Parade in Olympia, Washington, that is now entering its sixteenth year and continues to attract 3,000 people to witness the creativity and fun.

Other past successful grants made to both artists and organizations can be viewed in our online magazine as a PDF document.

The guidelines for the Arts Visibility Grant are available on If you have questions about this grant please contact Darrell Bulmer at or by phone 207/287-6746.

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