Monday, November 16, 2009

Internet Marketing Workshop – Nov. 19 at River Arts

As more and more artists develop websites to introduce their work to a world-wide online community the question often turns to, what is the best way to make this online community more aware of my website’s existence, and what other online methods should I employ to make my work more visible?

As part of an ongoing effort to assist artists and communities with answering these questions, Darrell Bulmer and Kerstin Gilg of the Maine Arts Commission will present a two hour workshop that demonstrates and simplifies online marketing for artists. The workshop will take place at 6:30pm on Thursday, November 19 at River Arts, 170 Main Street, Damariscotta.

In our present economic climate it is nice to know that there are so many free online marketing tools that can be used for promotion and information sharing; it is even nicer to know how to use them, and why.

The workshop leaders will use clear and concise examples to demonstrate and simplify online marketing methods and show attendees how they can employ similar methods. Beginning with some basics of conventional web 1.0 usage, such as emails, website development, electronic newsletters, Meta tags and search engine optimization, the workshop will progress on to social networking and how various online networking tools can help artists and organizations with their varied needs.

Darrell and Kerstin will concentrate on social networking as it relates to communications, information sharing and applications. They will define these categories and, in plain language, introduce various online tools to attendees. They will then show attendees how to bring the tools of their choice together to reach their personal goals, and then how to continually track their efforts to make simple adaptations on an ongoing basis.

Some of the tools to be covered will be websites, Wikis, blogs, electronic newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, flickr, Sitemeter, online surveys, online video creation, many Google tools, such as Analytics and website optimization, eBay, Photobucket, and many many more.

This two hour workshop affords the audience the opportunity to ask questions throughout, making the conversation richer and more relevant to the needs of attendees. There is no fee to attend this workshop, but space is limited, so those interested should register as soon as possible by contacting River Arts at, or by calling 207/563-1507.


Linda Morkeski said...

Thanks, Darrell and Kerstin and the Maine Arts Commission for a wonderfully informative presentation!

kathleen mack said...

Thanks to you for a very interesting and informative night.
The tools you shared will be a great help to any artist wanting to broaden their reach.
It was a fine opportunity.

Maine Arts Commission said...

Thank you all for inviting us and for attending. I hope you will all remain in contact with us through regular email or phone...or of course through our rapidly expanding social network.

Claire said...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
It is so encouraging to see that the Maine Arts Commission still engages the field in such a professional and informative way.

Mark said...

Thanks for the tips against the internet marketing by conducting some useful online marketing workshops with in time when needed.