Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Artist Residency and Prominent Panel Discussion Presented by Tides Institute

A weeklong series of workshops and discussions is set to be hosted by the Tides Institute and Museum of Art in Eastport. Sue Clifford, co-founder of Common Ground in England, will be sharing information on “Parish Maps,” essentially community distinctiveness and identity maps, championing community identity.

Clifford will participate in panel discussions covering such topics as, Public Art and Sense of Place. Other panel participants include; Lucy Lippard, a critic and activist; Hamish Fulton, internationally known walking artist; and Ron Shuebrook, artist and arts educator.

This will be the first time the Parish Maps Project will have been brought to the United States. The Parish Maps Project is an innovative community building process which involves visualizing locally distinctive aspects of a place/town/city (or parish in England). The process has a wide following in England and Europe where it has impacted local and regional community planning. A Parish Map needn’t be cartographically correct and may illustrate emotive responses as well as physical features of the location. When a community identifies what is important to it, planning is considered from a different perspective.

Admission is free to the general public though reservations are recommended and can be made by contacting the Institute at (207) 853-4047 or by email:

The public is invited to attend the free community workshops scheduled for:
• Lubec: Aug. 9, 2 pm at Lubec Memorial Library, 55 Water Street
• Calais: Aug. 10, 7 pm at the Holmestead, 527 Main Street
• St. Andrews, New Brunswick: Aug. 11, 7 pm at Kingsbrae Gardens, 220 King Street
• Pembroke: Aug. 12, 1 pm at Pembroke Elementary, Route 1
• Dennysville: Aug. 14, 7 pm at Lincoln Memorial Library, King Street

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