Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Slideshow For UMA Marketing Workshop

The slideshow used for the Web 2.0 marketing presentation being conducted by Darrell Bulmer and Kerstin Gilg on Wednesday night is available to follow along in many ways.

The full presentation is available at or downloadable via


Sarah said...

Great workshop! It is really nice to see this kind of information being offered. Very professional presentation!

Tiffany Chase said...

Greetings- I am a student at UMA and also work for WOmen Work and Community. I just wanted to say great job at the WEB 2.0 class last night.

Maine Arts Commission said...

Thank you both for you kind comments. It was nice to meet everyone and learn from the field.
I hope we can continue to provide these workshops to communities around Maine.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for a great workshop. Although I have been using the Internet for years, in this changing environment there is always lots to learn, and I did learn quite a bit.