Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Path-ology Reception

Today was the opening reception for Path-ology at the Pine Tree Arboretum. This is the first project to be realized from the Sculpture Grant made possible from the Harry Faust Art Fund. The installation is slated to travel to Moose Point State Park in July and Lamoine State Park in August.

The side facing you as you enter is in color

The side facing you as you exit is in black and white

Despite the light rain the reception was well attended and it was nice to have the partnering people and agencies finally meet each other. Besides ourselves the president of the University of Maine at Augusta Allyson Hughes Handley attended, as did Alan Stearns from the Bureau of Parks and Lands, both of whom were critical in making the exhibit happen. Robert Rainey, the chief facilitator of the project, made sure the students who participated were recognized.

Jennifer Strode who represented the Faust Fund throughout the granting process was unable to attend. However, Stephen Oliveri from the arboretum (read their newsletter) knew Harry Faust and it was nice to hear him say he thought Harry would have greatly enjoyed the installation.


Anonymous said...

I love the photo of Steve Oliveri holding the sign. I only just realized that the images getting bigger when you click on them.

The Maine Arts Council certainly does a lot more than I ever knew.

Steve said...

Great event!

SarahP.Fuller said...

What a fantastic exhibit. I didn't even know this was there.

Maine Arts Commission said...

Hi Sarah,

The director of the Pine Tree Arboretum said in his opening remarks that he hears comments like the one you wrote very often.
He was delighted at the publicity that came from this project and he was so appreciative of the synergy that happens when an organization or agency forms a partnership that includes the arts.
The Maine Arts Commission works with many entities in this fashion and it is always a successful venture both all parties.