Monday, January 12, 2009

Web 2.0 Marketing Workshop for Artists

In January, Five Rivers Arts Alliance, supported by Women, Work & Community, invited Darrell Bulmer and Kerstin Gilg of the Maine Arts Commission to present an internet marketing workshop for artists.

This workshop, at Frontier Café in Brunswick, was attended by at least 90 artists and marked the successful launch of the 2009 series of Five Rivers Arts Alliance Meetings.

For the staff of the Maine Arts Commission it was another chance to interact with the field and to demonstrate the agency's commitment to providing support and expertise wherever it is needed.

The Maine Arts Commission has conducted many state wide workshops over the last four years and has since decided that it would now be best to only present information and workshops when communities request them.

This new approach will make the workshops tailored for particular audiences and relieve the marketing pressures from agency staff and allow them to work closer with communities.

If you wish to download a copy of PowerPoint that was presented, click on this link:


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Anonymous said...

I am just getting around to looking at your blog and all of the other things you talked about. This was a terrific event, I hope you do more of them.

Maine Arts Commission said...

It was a great evening for us too. We are certainly interested in presenting this workshop in other communities. If you have any suggestions for other topics, please let us know.